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Best accommodation rates in Montreal West Island


Best accommodation rates in Montreal West Island

Chalets Beaconsfield offers great accommodations whether for short or long term at most competitive rates.

If you are in town for a short visit as a tourist or just visiting your family for the upcoming mother’s day or any other occasion for that matter, you will find a great solution tailored to your need at very affordable rates.

Guests could enjoy our private, family-oriented setting near the Beaurepaire village with all its charming restaurants and shops as well as the water-front parks. It is strongly suggested to reserve in advance as the new tourist season is near, as dates for international events in Montreal tend to go fast with fewer room availabilities as we get closer to the dates.

We look forward to having you as our guest this season. It would give us a chance to promote and welcome you to our growing list of ever returning guests. Here at Chalets Beaconsfield, we try hard at meeting our guest’s requirements.

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Most competitive rates for hotel accommodation in West Island, Montreal.


Most competitive rates, weekly and monthly rates for the hotel.

Chalets Beaconsfield offers some of the best prices for long-term rentals suited for people looking for accommodation without the hassle of dealing with leases.
We provide all the basic necessities, from internet and satellite tv to pots and pans, to microwave and coffee makers, hence eliminating the need to start from scratch in setting up an apartment.
Chalets Beaconsfield will provide you with affordable accommodation based on your requirements, nestled in one of the most prestigious residential neighborhoods in Montreal.

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Best corporate rates for hotel in Montreal’s West Island


Best corporate rates for companies in need of accommodation in West Island

Chalets Beaconsfield is happy to be able to provide great corporate rates for companies looking to accommodate their temporary guests, workers, or clients.

A clean establishment, quiet environment, great location, available rooms with kitchenettes, as well as excellent corporate rates are some of the contributing factors to many companies choosing Chalets Beaconsfield as their first choice when in need of any accommodation.

Furthermore, our small size and flexibility allow us to better address the need for individual companies and their guests.

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Best boutique hotel in Montreal West Island


Chalets Beaconsfield:  Best boutique hotel in Montreal West Island for personalized service

Best boutique hotel in Montreal West Island for personalized service.

Here at chalets Beaconsfield, we make it our mission to meet the individual requirements of each guest per their instruction.

Our smaller size, as well as the fact that we are a small family, operated establishment, does allow us to be more flexible in dealing with individual needs of all our guests. It’s not the guests that have to conform to the hotel’s policies dictated by a head office located far away in another city, but rather the hotels who have the obligation to accommodate the guest’s requirements.

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This personalized service is probably a major facture to our very high rate of regular guest return.

best value for the money

Best value Motel in Montreal’s West Island


Chalets Beaconsfield, best value for the money accommodation in Montreal’s West Island

According to many of our guests, Chalets Beaconsfield provides the best value for the money when it comes to hotel accommodation. We offer an ideally located, very clean, and quiet stay at a fraction of the cost compared to the major hotel chains.

We offer basic standard accommodation with an emphasis on cleanliness and comfort. In addition, our smaller size allows us to operate at a much higher efficiency compared to larger establishments, hence allowing us to offer a much better competitive price compared to our competition.

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Best hotel accommodation near Ste. Anne de Bellevue,


Best hotel accommodation near Ste. Anne de Bellevue,

Best motel – hotel  accommodation near Ste. Anne de Bellevue,

Ste. Anne de Bellevue is a great and beautiful local hub for spending the day on the boardwalk, having coffee or wine with your loved ones or just even people-watching. It has become a popular spot for yachts to stop by and enjoy the great restaurants on the boardwalk.

motel Canal_Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue

Chalets Beaconsfield is the most convenient hotel near Ste. Anne de Bellevue, only a few minutes away by car. The guests may also use the public transportation in front of the motel or even a local taxi for the short commute. This way they could take advantage of everything the boardwalk has to offer, whether the great restaurants or the pubs, without having to drive afterwards.

West island montreal long term hotel

The best Hotel for long term accommodation in Montreal’s West Island


The best solutions for long term hotel

Chalets Beaconsfield: One of the best solutions for long term hotel accommodation in Montreal’s West Island

All the rooms at Chalets Beaconsfield offer our guests a microwave, refrigerator, satellite flat-panel TV, Wi-Fi, and coffee maker with complimentary coffee. We do our best to instigate that feeling of “home away from home” which so many of our clients have come to appreciate over these years.

Furthermore, we also offer rooms and suites with stocked kitchenette for guests who wish to stay longer, with very competitive long term rates. This makes the Chalets Beaconsfield one of the most popular options available for long term accommodation in West Island or Montreal. When renting a yearly apartment is just not suitable, then our guests could find our monthly rentals a practical, fast, and economical alternative finding an apartment and having to deal with the hassle of a constraining lease.

Our monthly rentals are primarily geared towards people in need of longer term, more economical accommodation due to reasons such as home renovations, temporary work transfers/contracts, or any other personal reason for that matter.

Our guests regularly comment on how pleasantly surprised they are by the relaxed, friendly, clean, and quiet environment of our establishment.