chalets Beaconsfield

chalets beaconsfield

Most competitive rates for hotel accommodation in West Island, Montreal.


Most competitive rates, weekly and monthly rates for the hotel.

Chalets Beaconsfield offers some of the best prices for long-term rentals suited for people looking for accommodation without the hassle of dealing with leases.
We provide all the basic necessities, from internet and satellite tv to pots and pans, to microwave and coffee makers, hence eliminating the need to start from scratch in setting up an apartment.
Chalets Beaconsfield will provide you with affordable accommodation based on your requirements, nestled in one of the most prestigious residential neighborhoods in Montreal.

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Most versatile Hotel accommodation in Montreal West Island


Chalets Beaconsfield, most versatile hotel accommodation in Montreal West Island

Most versatile hotel accommodation in Montreal West Island.What sets the accommodation at Chalets Beaconsfield apart from the rest of the competition is our ability to offer custom tailored room variations to our guests.

We are happy to be able to address our guests individual needs for privacy by providing the complete stand-alone chalets for absolute tranquility with no attached neighbors, all the way to semi-attached rooms, as well as rooms with inter-connecting interior doors enabling our guests to combine multiple rooms in order to accommodate larger families.

Montreal International Airport Pierre Elliott Trudeau

Motel near Montreal International Airport Pierre Elliott Trudeau


Chalets Beaconsfield, most convenient motel near Montreal International Airport Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

Chalets Beaconsfield motel is conveniently located near the Montreal International Airport. This allows our out of town guests to use the motel as a convenient hub in Montreal near the Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport when catching a flight in Montreal.

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Chalets Beaconsfield has located only 10 miles away from the Montreal Airport which makes it an ideal accommodation for easy airport access yet far enough as to not be affected by the airport noise, providing an ideal and relaxing environment for our guests to relax prior to their flights.

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Best corporate rates for hotel in Montreal’s West Island


Best corporate rates for companies in need of accommodation in West Island

Chalets Beaconsfield is happy to be able to provide great corporate rates for companies looking to accommodate their temporary guests, workers, or clients.

A clean establishment, quiet environment, great location, available rooms with kitchenettes, as well as excellent corporate rates are some of the contributing factors to many companies choosing Chalets Beaconsfield as their first choice when in need of any accommodation.

Furthermore, our small size and flexibility allow us to better address the need for individual companies and their guests.

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Best boutique hotel in Montreal West Island


Chalets Beaconsfield:  Best boutique hotel in Montreal West Island for personalized service

Best boutique hotel in Montreal West Island for personalized service.

Here at chalets Beaconsfield, we make it our mission to meet the individual requirements of each guest per their instruction.

Our smaller size, as well as the fact that we are a small family, operated establishment, does allow us to be more flexible in dealing with individual needs of all our guests. It’s not the guests that have to conform to the hotel’s policies dictated by a head office located far away in another city, but rather the hotels who have the obligation to accommodate the guest’s requirements.

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This personalized service is probably a major facture to our very high rate of regular guest return.