The best motel in montreal

The Best Motel in Montreal for students or their families


John Abbott College and McGill University (MacDonald campus)

The Best Motel in Montreal for students or their families.

Most convenient accommodation for students or their families at John Abbott College and McGill University (MacDonald campus) in Montreal :

Chalets Beaconsfield Motel’s proximity to John Abbott College and McGill University’s MacDonald campus makes it the best and most convenient hotel in all of Montreal for students or their visiting parents at these two campuses.

The best motel in montreal

The city bus stop is located right in front of the Motel with regularly scheduled buses (211 and  405-express) directly to both colleges. The guests at Chalets Beaconsfield could take advantage of this most convenient mode of transportation to and from the colleges. The bus route will pass by the Lake St. Louis using the beautiful Lakeshore Road, one of the most scenic roads in Montreal. The trip will take less than ten minutes and will save our guests the hassle of dealing with finding a parking at the university and college.


Sometimes the students arrive in the city before their accommodation is ready. Chalets Beaconsfield is their best solution for short term stay before checking-in to their residence. Similarly, the visiting parents may take advantage of our proximity to the two campuses while visiting their loved ones at McGill or John Abbott.

Chalets Beaconsfield Motel

Unique Motel in Montreal


How unique our location is

Unique Motel in Montreal, What mostly surprises our clients after a stay at our establishment is probably how unique our location is. The motel opened its doors in early 1930’s. Today as Beaconsfield became such an upscale neighborhood, it is rather surprising to find such a vintage motel nestled right in the middle of multi-million dollar mansions and waterfront properties.

It’s this contrast that gives our motel such a unique character.

Canada 150 celebration

The best Canada 150 celebration activities


 Canada 150 celebration activities,

Come and join us for Canada 150 celebration activities on August 13th. It is a day to celebrate our cultural diversity, as well as our shared values which give Beaconsfield such a colorful and lovely character.

The best summer events in Beaconsfield 2017,

Furthermore, there will be a music concert every Tuesday evening from July 4th to August 15th for all different music tastes.

The Shakespearean comedy “Much Ado About Nothing”, and a 3v3 basketball tournament are some of the other activities for this summer.


We hope to see you soon.

Chalets Beaconsfield Motel