Chalets Beaconsfield Motel

Chalets Beaconsfield Motel like no other motel in Montreal


Chalets Beaconsfield Motel like no other motel in Montreal

Unlike any other motel/hotel, Chalets Beaconsfield was established before the surrounding town in the early 1930s. At the time it served as cottages next to lake Saint-Louis for people getting away from busy Montreal.

Today, nearly a century later as Montreal and suburbs grew, it engulfed the Chalets Beaconsfield.

This contrast is what makes Chalets Beaconsfield one of the most unique boutique Hotels in Montreal. The motel is completely surrounded by multi-million dollar mansions in a residential zone. In fact, one of the more common comments by our guests is how surprised they are to find the motel in a beautiful residential zone. The tranquility and beautiful scenery makes Chalets Beaconsfield a sought after accommodation in the summer high season, requiring reservation well in advance.

Chalets Beaconsfield has one of the greatest rates of returning guests as we offer proximity and easy fast access to Montreal yet nestled in a residential zone away from the busy downtown. We hope to be able to serve you and your family for years to come.

Motels Is Better Than Hotels

8 Reasons Why a Motels Is Better Than Hotels


Opting for Motels over Hotels:

8 reasons why this might be a better option for you


When you first hear the word Motel what comes to mind? Perhaps a shaddy building with neon lights on the side of the road where truck drivers go to rest on their way to a distant location?Or maybe a gang of motorists that reunite at a motel on their way to the next motorcycle event? You can let your imagination ride. Think again, as motels can actually be the better choice for you and your family when looking to stay for a few nights in Montreal. Motels can and should have a different connotation, and places like Chalet Beaconsfield Motel are exactly the reasons why.

Here are 8 reasons why you shouldn’t overlook motels when you pass by Montreal next time.

The price

Many hotels are over priced just because they can be. Period. If you are not looking to relax where you are staying but rather to drop off your luggage and explore the city, the price is a very good argument. If all you really need is a clean bed and bathroom then you will not be disappointed. If you are not high maintenance and feel comfortable with less as long as it is clean, then the price factor is an important one.price

Times have changed

Now that tourists useless hotels and more other means of accommodation such as Airbnb, hostels, couch surfing and so on, motels also are acquiring a new clientele, and families are one of them! Motel owners also understand that and want to offer their customers a better experience and widen their clientele. They understand that in order for motels to survive, they have to change the perception of motels, one motel at a time.


More accessible

If you are passing through Montreal for a quick stop or for a few days and are looking to avoid traffic and all the potholes, motels are often located in better areas that are more accessible from the highway and might represent an important advantage when you are looking to get more rest. Especially during winter, you probably don’t want to have to stop by the mechanics to fix your tire because of the numerous potholes you have been trying to avoid in the city, especially if it is your first time.


No extra fees

If you want to avoid bad surprises or extra fees that you didn’t plan on spending, motels give you what you paid for and not more, but at least you are not surprised or disappointed. You don’t really need that fancy eater bottle or those peanuts wrapped in small plastic bags, think of all the delicious food waiting for your in the Plateau, China Town, Mile End or NDG, the city is yours to explore!


More options

When purchasing a motel room, you now have more options than you used to in the past. As the competition is growing and prices go down, the market also needs to meet customers’ needs at better raters. Motels like the Chalet Beaconsfield offer different types of the motel for different clients, from the businessman passing through the city, to the family with small kids who really need more space and that kitchenette.



Closer to nature

Often motels are located a little outside the city or the downtown area and are close to park or woods and for those who enjoy exploring them, this can also be a good argument for choosing motels over hotels. The staff probably also has good recommendations on less touristic places to see that might be worth the detour on your way to downtown Montreal. Mont-Royal is a place that you should definitely have on your to-do list.


Free parking

When you opt for hotels, you also choose without wanting it more traffic and parking problems. Since motels are located for the most part outside of the downtown area, parking is often free! If you are on a tight budget extra parking fees might make the scale tip in favor of the motel. Think about it, you could use that money spent on unnecessary parking fees for something else such as poutine, a visit to a cathedral, the science center, a museum with the family or good restaurant downtown.


What are your priorities

When looking to choose between a hotel or a motel, it is important to ask yourself and those you are going on the trip with; what are your priorities. Perhaps if you are in your 30s and 40s and traveling alone, you are over the hostels days where you would be sleeping on bunk beds with 7 other strangers in the same room. The same applies to hotels and motels. If the hotel is actually the destination meaning you are looking to relax, eat well, receive a good service that you are paying quite a lot of money for, then choose the hotel option. However, if you are looking for a place where to leave your stuff, take care of the kids and maybe make more noise than would be acceptable by some other clients from hotels and are on a budget, then go for the motel option.


The Motel American dream might be dead, but the new era requires motels to reinvent themselves in order to survive. Keep your roots but meet new expectations. If you decide to come for a visit to Montreal, and you should, especially when temperatures are mild, then do consider motels as accommodation. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Canada 150 celebration

Best Family Motel in Montreal West Island


Best Family Motel in Montreal West Island

Chalets Beaconsfield is nestled in an upscale residential neighborhood of Montreal.

It is conveniently located at the western tip of Montreal island near the Highway 20, making it the perfect accommodation for easy access to downtown Montreal, Trans Canada, or Montreal International Airport.

With the upcoming Canada day holiday celebration just around the corner, guests looking for a flexible, reasonable accommodation could take advantage of Chalets Beaconsfield offerings. We look forward to celebrate this Canada day with our family of guests. There will be numerous activities organized by the city of Beaconsfield at the Centennial park. The events will start at 1pm on July first and include plays, international dances, kids activities, circus, bands, and fireworks.

Chalets Beaconsfield will offer you great accommodation and you would be able to take advantage of all the activities offered both in Montreal or in Beaconsfield. We are located only minutes away from the Centennial park.

accommodation rates mother’s day

Best accommodation rates in Montreal West Island


Best accommodation rates in Montreal West Island

Chalets Beaconsfield offers great accommodations whether for short or long term at most competitive rates.

If you are in town for a short visit as a tourist or just visiting your family for the upcoming mother’s day or any other occasion for that matter, you will find a great solution tailored to your need at very affordable rates.

Guests could enjoy our private, family-oriented setting near the Beaurepaire village with all its charming restaurants and shops as well as the water-front parks. It is strongly suggested to reserve in advance as the new tourist season is near, as dates for international events in Montreal tend to go fast with fewer room availabilities as we get closer to the dates.

We look forward to having you as our guest this season. It would give us a chance to promote and welcome you to our growing list of ever returning guests. Here at Chalets Beaconsfield, we try hard at meeting our guest’s requirements.

Lake St. Louis

Lake St. Louis and Sainte Anne de Bellevue,


Lake St. Louis and Sainte Anne de Bellevue,

Chalets Beaconsfield is located only steps away from Lake St. Louise and less than 6 km away from Sainte Anne de Bellevue. With the coming of the spring, our guests at the Chalets could take full advantage of the walking path along the old Lakeshore road by the lake near the village of Beaurepaire.

The beautiful boardwalk at Sainte Anne de Bellevue with its fantastic restaurants would also provide a  great dining experience and pass time for the guests at Chalets Beaconsfield. The little picture perfect boardwalk is located only minutes away by car or public transit near the McGill University campus.

Both of these beautiful areas would be a perfect spot to appreciate the arrival of spring or spend a lazy afternoon taking in the sun and just people watch.

chalets beaconsfield motel Festivl

Most convenient hotel for visitors of Montreal Festivals


Most convenient hotel for visitors of Montreal Festivals

Chalets Beaconsfield offers the best variety of accommodation for visitors to Montreal in the upcoming tourist season. Whether you come for the Montreal Grand Prix or any other activities such as Just For Laugh, Montreal International Fireworks competition, or Jazz Festival, you could take advantage of Chalets Beaconsfield’s great competitive rates, ease of access to the Montreal, and tranquil environment at our motel.

Finding a reasonable and convenient accommodation during these international festivals can be very difficult in Montreal as a significant number of tourists attend these events. For this reason, it is strongly suggested to make reservations well in advance.

Not Only an early reservation will guarantee your place to stay but also will lock-in great prices as occupancy rate in Montreal easily approaches %100 for these events especially during Grand Prix, Jazz Festival, Just For Laugh, and International Fireworks competition. Guests at Chalets Beaconsfield could particularly benefit from our ease of access to Montreal events whether by car or public transport.

easy access to public transport

Hotel with easy access to public transport and attractions


Chalets Beaconsfield hotel with easy access to public transport Montreal:

Chalets Beaconsfield offers affordable, free on-site parking and is located just 1 block from Lake St. Louis and Highway 20 (Exit 45, woodland).

 As for proximity to mass transit, we have located only 2 blocks away from Montreal AMT, station Beaurepaire, above-ground train service; only 20 minutes to downtown Montreal.

Furthermore there is a public transit bus stop (lines 211, and 405-express) literally in front of the motel which take our guests directly to Montreal underground metro station Lionel-Groulx.

Our guests at Chalets Beaconsfield get to enjoy the tranquility and the beauty of a waterfront residential neighborhood while taking advantage of very easy, fast, and convenient access to downtown Montreal, all at a fraction of the cost of accommodation in downtown Montreal.

chalets beaconsfield

Most competitive rates for hotel accommodation in West Island, Montreal.


Most competitive rates, weekly and monthly rates for the hotel.

Chalets Beaconsfield offers some of the best prices for long-term rentals suited for people looking for accommodation without the hassle of dealing with leases.
We provide all the basic necessities, from internet and satellite tv to pots and pans, to microwave and coffee makers, hence eliminating the need to start from scratch in setting up an apartment.
Chalets Beaconsfield will provide you with affordable accommodation based on your requirements, nestled in one of the most prestigious residential neighborhoods in Montreal.

standard-with-kitchennet Chalets beaconsfield

Hotel accommodations with kitchenette


Hotel accommodations with kitchenette,

One of the most practical advantages of staying at Chalets Beaconsfield is the fact that more than half of our rooms come with a fully stocked kitchenette, from plates and utensils to pots and toasters.

When traveling, especially with family and the kids, there is just no substitute for having the convenience of a kitchen at your disposal, whether for preparing a quick snack or a meal.

Whatever your needs, Chalets Beaconsfield will have a tailored solution to your specific accommodation requirements.

standard-with-kitchennet Chalets beaconsfield

versatile Hotel standard-with-kitchennet Chalets beaconsfield

Most versatile Hotel accommodation in Montreal West Island


Chalets Beaconsfield, most versatile hotel accommodation in Montreal West Island

Most versatile hotel accommodation in Montreal West Island.What sets the accommodation at Chalets Beaconsfield apart from the rest of the competition is our ability to offer custom tailored room variations to our guests.

We are happy to be able to address our guests individual needs for privacy by providing the complete stand-alone chalets for absolute tranquility with no attached neighbors, all the way to semi-attached rooms, as well as rooms with inter-connecting interior doors enabling our guests to combine multiple rooms in order to accommodate larger families.